4th Integrated Plant and Algal Phenomics Meeting (IPAP) in Brno

We are very proud to invite you to the 4th INTEGRATED PLANT AND ALGAL PHENOMICS MEETING (IPAP), to be held this year in the beautiful and historic city of Brno between July 12th and 15th 2020.

The conference will focus on the rapidly expanding field of high throughput plant and algal phenotyping with a program that includes challenges and solutions to field studies, novel approaches to root phenotyping and the application of machine learning and big data computation for predictive modelling. The application of metaphenomic data analysis and trait elucidation will be considered in relation to the acceleration of breeding programs for agronomically important crops, and the selection of algal strains for high yielding commercial culture.

Two focused sessions will be organised that will cover: (1) State-of-the-art Technology for Controlled Environment Research co-ordinated by Prof. Thomas Altmann and (2) Novel High-Throughput Approaches in Biostimulant Research co-ordinated by Dr. Lukáš Spíchal. The conference will be complemented by a one-day hands-on workshop focusing on Tools and Advance in Field Phenotyping.

All academic and industrial researchers who wish to learn more about the latest techniques
and approaches for high throughput phenotyping are encouraged to attend.

  • Latest and future advances in sensor technology for plant phenotyping
  • Integrative approaches in indoor and outdoor phenotyping
  • Phenotyping technologies for sustainable agriculture
  • Dynamic controlled environment
  • Novel approaches in sustainable plant production
  • Phenotypical multi-scale data and application of meta-phenomic data analysis
  • Algae phenotyping

Conference delegates will be given the opportunity to visit the new plant phenotyping center near Brno, designed, built and operated by Photon Systems Instruments (PSI). This state of the art center is located in the beautiful Moravian countryside, and incorporates novel technologies for numerous aspects of lab and field phenotyping. The center will offer complete phenotyping services, as well as allow visiting scientists to conduct proof-of-concept experiments. The PSI facility also houses a research centre for the study of algal physiology and biotechnology, with numerous large and small scale photobioreactors of various designs.

For more information, sponsoring opportunities and details of exhibitors, please contact Mrs. Adela Borovkova at borovkova(a)